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Acupuncture is one of the branches of traditional Chinese medicine, based on the implantation and manipulation of fine needles in various parts of the body for therapeutic purposes.

Acupuncture Geneva

Chinese traditional medicine


Traditional Chinese medicine is based on a theory of the functioning of the human being in good health, from a physiological, psychological, anatomical point of view, etc. It also tries to explain the causes of diseases and the biological and psychic mechanisms that are the consequences. Chinese medicine seeks to understand the human being, both healthy and sick, by managing the balance of internal energy called Qi.


The practices are: acupuncture, massage Tui-Na, dietetics, Chinese pharmacopoeia or Qi Gong which is a Chinese gymnastics, which allows by a regular practice, to balance the Qi, thus to prevent diseases. Accompanied by other therapeutic elements, it helps to care for the patient.


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