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M-Test Mukaino


The M-TEST is a simple diagnostic tool that provides the practitioner with a complete overview of the patient's body through understanding the meridians of acupuncture and the relationship between meridians and movements.

The patient performs a series of thirty gestures that assess the freedom of movement, flexibility, and possibly discomfort or pain experienced by the patient.


In doing so, the practitioner quickly identifies the imbalances and determines the meridians involved in the problem of the patient.

The acupuncture points associated with them are then tested to deduce the key points of the treatment.

The synergistic action of the muscles and joints involved in the movement can then be facilitated by acupuncture (with or without a needle), massage or stretching.


Although Dr. Mukaino studied Western medicine at the university, he was introduced to oriental medicine by his father, a renowned acupuncturist. This early exposure was critical for Dr. Mukaino and his goal has always been to bridge the gap between acupuncture and Western medicine.

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