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Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā literally: "No equivalent in French, Sha means" sand "or" shark skin ")". The Gua Sha technique, derived from the ancient Chinese medicine, consists in intentionally provoking, by scraping the skin with a spatula in horn most often, an eruption, symptom of crisis of the syndrome Sha. In this way one eliminates one's perversity and resolves the symptom (pain, inflammation, heat and humidity, etc.).

The texture of the Sha rash looks like sand: rough like the skin of the shark. Most often the eruptions are red, but can be blue, purple or black; the darker they are, the older Sha is.

Most Shas disappear in two to three days. Some, more impressive at first, require a few more days.

Despite the appearances on the photo, the Gua Sha is almost painless. The practitioner must circumvent the painful areas.


Gua sha releases the Biao (external attacks, example: flu) and resolves the stagnation of blood on the surface.

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