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Suckers have been one of the essential treatments in the history of medicine since ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese and all continents.


This practice does not differ from the one we know in the West and which has fallen out of favor with us.


They are widely used in China and almost always accompany acupuncture and moxibustion treatments in the treatment of pain (rheumatic pain, contractures, ...).




















The goal is:

- to expel the pathogenic energies (wind, cold, humidity, heat) that have settled in the meridians and that hinder the free flow of blood and energy, which causes pain in Chinese medicine .

- to restore the energy circulation in the meridians

- to release muscle tension


Chinese cupping is part of the therapeutic arsenal in the same way as acupuncture or moxibustion ... They can be used during a session and are mainly used to treat:

- Respiratory diseases: cold snaps, colds, flus that are caused or aggravated by three external elements: wind, rain and cold.

- Muscular tension: aggravated by too sedentary life and poor nutrition.


Chinese cupping is applied to acupuncture points that correspond to the organs to be treated. Or, the suction cups are mobilized on areas along the energy meridians, very often on the back. For Chinese medicine, the disease or the pain is a sign of blockage: it means that the fundamental energy, no longer circulates or is bad or even reversed. The Chinese sucker restores blood circulation and, consequently, energy.


The aspiration creates a call for "liberating" blood: the skin gradually takes on a purplish color, a sign that the suction cup must be removed. The application usually lasts 5 to 20 minutes depending on the intensity of the disease, the patients, their age, their reaction and even according to the practitioner.

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