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Aesthetic Acupuncture / Lifting


Acupuncture Lifting: relaxed and toned, your face will regain its sparkling health!

Treatment of facial wrinkles



- Repair of tissues

- Prevention of aging of tissues

- Revitalization



- Many benefits and little risk

- Alternative to surgery

- Rigorous and effective process

- Focus on the whole person

- takes into account the way of life

- Stimulates the local production of collagen

- Increases blood circulation

- Improves the hydration of the skin

- Helps in the elimination of fluids and edemas

- Decreases eyelid pockets and dark circles



- Reduction of deep wrinkles

- Prevents the formation of new

- Clears fine wrinkles

- Regulates skin secretions

- Improves hormonal balance

- Restores pigmentation

Meridian of the face
Acupuncture Geneva

In summary


- Showcases the beauty

- Rebalance the Qi

- Delays the aging process


Secondary effects

- vagal disorder

- Minor bruising



- Anti-coagulant treatment

- Tendency to hematomas

- Diabetes

- Tumors

- Pregnancy

- Sunburn

- Lymphedema

Acupuncture Geneva
Facial areas connected with organs
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