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Welcome to the Zen Garden website.

Chinese Medicine practice, located in Acacias in Geneva. 

I offer you both well-being or treatment,

from recovery to relaxation. Acupuncture, massage,

cupping, Essential oils and many others.

Chinese medicine a philosophy of well-being

and health, based on internal balance.

These therapies allow you to regain possession of the body

and the mind, in order to find your harmony.

Serge Romanato

Chinese medicine therapist

​Passionate about alternative medicine andinparticularly the

Chinese medicine(acupuncture, Chinese Tui Na massage),

the principles of rebalancingof the body foracquire

health are my vocation. 


Currently a practitioner of Chinese Medicine,  

I followedteachingfrom the Liang Shen school in Geneva.

I was interested in various paths leading

to overall health through diet,

personal development and meditation.


Therapies practiced such as acupuncture, cupping, 

Reik(taught by Patricia Scuderi at “Papyrus Formation”),

Chinese Tui Na massage (which is a manual technique),

allowed me to seek within myself certain resources

that everyone has for their own well-being.


Zen Garden is a Chinese medicine practice that offers

both a therapeutic and relaxation space.

Health of body and mind are of great importance to me

and that is why I practice Chinese medicine. 


For all other questions,I stay atyour

available whether by telephone or email.


Your well-being is my priority.

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