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YNSA Acupuncture

YNSA is the acronym for Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture and represents an autonomous Acupuncture Method using a somatotope in the sense of a micro-acupuncture system.

He is the Japanese doctorToshikatsu Yamamoto who developed the YNSA in the 1960s. Yamamoto presented, for the first time in 1973 at a Japanese Ryodoraku Congress, the main elements of the YNSA of the time, the 5 basic points (A, B, C, D and E). Base points are associated with specific body parts. For example, all upper limbs are treated from base point C, while base point D is assigned to the lower limbs.   

Since 1985, YNSA has worked  initially mainly at the cranial level with somatotopies and points additional. Connections are associated with body parts, body functions, and body meridians.acupuncture Chinese. The points to be punctured are determined by palpation, by diagnosis of the stomach and neck.

If the point for the kidneys, for example, is sensitive to pressure at the neck, then a needle will be placed at the upsilon point corresponding to the temples. If the needle is correctly placed at the temple, the sensitivity in the neck will disappear and thus allows the correct position of the needle to be immediately checked.

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