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Reiki can relieve a lot of physical or psychic suffering. It is a powerful catalyst for transformation. One of the strengths of Reiki is its ability to revitalize the patient on all levels. Reiki can also be a great help on a personal development path.




Reiki is an energy medicine that aims to heal the vital energy (Qi) that can help in different problems such as anxiety, chronic pain or phantom pain etc.


Study Shows Reiki's Positive Effects Against Stress, Anxiety And Anxiet

Generally, a Reiki treatment takes place lying on a massage table.


A typical session lasts from 45 to 75 minutes, although one can intervene occasionally over a shorter period. It is said that treatment can also be done remotely.


During the session, the patient usually reaches a state of great relaxation. At the end of the treatment, he may feel carried away into a deep sleep or, on the contrary, have experienced unusual sensations such as colorful visual impressions or the evocation of past lives. It is estimated that for chronic diseases, it takes at least 4 full sessions to feel the benefits of Reiki.


Nowhere in the world is Reiki a regulated profession. Various organizations have attempted to further structure training, but without much success. It is therefore difficult, as a customer, to know who we are dealing with. One must rely on word of mouth and the exercise of personal judgment when meeting a practitioner.

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