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Acupuncture to lose weight

This technique involves inserting sterile needles into the skin at specific points depending on the desired result.

The view of “fat” in Chinese medicine is seen as a stagnation of “heat/moisture” in our body. So the goal during treatment is to reduce and eliminate this stagnation.

Generally speaking, it involves balancing the body's vital energy, that is to say Qi, which is distributed over different points. To help his patient lose weight, the acupuncturist must make a precise diagnosis. It is not uncommon for a diet to be associated with acupuncture sessions for optimal results and also to allow the patient to have healthy nutritional habits. Moreover, if psychological disorders can be the cause of overweight for certain subjects, acupuncture is also a solution to combat stress in an effective way.

Acupuncture Geneva

For the treatment to be effective, regular monitoring is necessary according to the patient's wishes. The number of sessions depends on the patient: the number of kilos they want to lose, their starting weight, the reasons for their weight gain, their degree of motivation or simply their reactivity to the method. All this varies from one patient to another. 

Acupuncture Geneva
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